Our Focus

CR-Invest seeks attractive investment opportunities and provides capital to small and medium-sized businesses for growth, succession solutions, “buy and build” strategies, spin-offs and carve-outs. CR-Invest’s focus lies on the long-term value enhancement by supporting growth and value creation in its portfolio companies with active and long-term investment. Therefore, the Company provides not only capital to its companies but also hands-on strategic and operational support in terms of contributing ideas, network and experience to define and realize a value-enhancing strategy, to improve their performance and to grasp the opportunities for growth and value enhancement.

CR-Invest has several advantages in a transaction process for the parties involved: Based on its financial resources the Company is able to execute transactions as all-equity investments. A fast and efficient transaction process including prompt feedback is guaranteed by the speedy CR-Invest team. In case of retirement of leaving shareholders the Company is able to take over management roles. Furthermore CR-Invest highly appreciates and rewards the value delivered by intermediaries.

Our Investment Criteria

CR-Invest acquires majority stakes in small and medium-sized companies and provides growth capital to companies. For that the Company offers tailor-made investment solutions for succession situations, management buy-out and buy-in situations, corporate spin-offs and carve-outs.

CR-Invest´s target companies are typically characterized by

  • Growing market environment and/or consolidation potential
  • Entity value between Euro 20-150 mio. with strong financial performance and stable EBIT above Euro 3 mio
  • Clear market position and competitive advantages